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About Us


Gallagher Printing, Inc is an example of the American Dream. In 1964 David Gallagher purchased a Chandler & Price Letterpress and set up shop in the basement of the family's West Side Buffalo home to supplement the family income. Along with seven cases of foundry type, Mr. Gallagher would spend evenings setting type and printing small jobs on his hand fed press. Hard work and long hours soon produced steady growth, the addition of offset equipment and the need for more space.

In 1969, in order to advertise his new location on Tacoma Avenue in North Buffalo, Mr. Gallagher started the North Buffalo Rocket, a weekly community newspaper. Again, growth dictated the need for a larger building. So in 1980, he purchased the building at 2507 Delaware Avenue, in North Buffalo, and added three additions to the building. There was room for larger presses to produce his newspaper.

With the move to color in the nineteen nineties and the expansion into digital and full color printing, the necessary steps were taken to acquire the newest equipment, technology and software.

With the entry of his two sons, Dennis and Daryl, the business flourished and continued to grow into this century. Today the Gallagher name is synonymous with service, quality and price in the printing industry in the City of Buffalo.

We invite you to join our growing list of satisfied customers.

Gallagher Printing, Inc Established in 1964
Pictured: David H. Gallagher, Dennis M. Gallagher, and Daryl K. Gallagher